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  Standards Converter, Time Base Corrector, Frame   Synchroniser, Noise Reducer & Transcoder

   Processing of SDI embedded, AES/EBU and analog audio
   and of closed caption  signal  

Digital Transcoders
Modular System
DME-210 / DMS-210


DSC-165 rear

  • TV Standards conversion PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM (*); 525/60 to 625/50 and 625/50 to 525/60.
  • Enhanced 16 point interpolator, 4-field, 4-line aperture, with conversion aperture selection.
  • Four-line adaptive comb filter.
  • 10bit A/D and 12 bit D/A conversion and 10 bit processing.
  • Digital adaptive noise reducer for luminance and chrominance, with frame recursive selectable filter.
  • Composite video, analog components, genlock and SD-SDI with 4 channels embedded audio processing inputs and outputs (¹).
  • Synchronization and audio delay with automatic tracking plus variable manual delay. AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs (¹).
  • Closed caption signal processing, with input decoder and output coder, with line selection.
  • Selection of output signal in the event of input signal loss: last valid field, color bars, black, switch to alternative video input or to stored image.
  • Audio and video test signal generator.
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  Technical Specifications
  Sampling: 10 bit, 4:2:2
  Interpolation: 16 point, 4-field, 4-line, with conversion aperture selection
  Decoder/Encoder: A/D 10 bit; D/A 12 bit
  Noise Reducer: Frame recursive adaptive and selectable filter for luminance and chrominance, with dual movement detector.
  Frame synchronizer and TBC: Infinite window
  Input: PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M / J / 4.43, SECAM, B&W
  Output: PAL / PAL N/ PAL M, NTSC M/4.43
  Conversion: Bidirectional: 525/60 to 625/50 and 625/50 to 525/60
  Comb filter: 4 line adaptative for PAL / PAL N / PAL M / and NTSC M
  Display: LCD, 2 lines by 20 characters, with backlight
  Luminance bandwidth: Composite, Comb filter:  5,5 MHz
  Differential gain: <1 %
  Differential phase: <1 %
  Transient response: < 1 %, K 2T factor
  Signal to noise ratio: > 61 dB (weighted)
  CVBS Input 1 / Input 2: 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, BNC
  Y, Pb, Pr I/O: 1 Vpp / 0.7 Vpp / 0.7 Vpp / 75 ohms, BNC
  SDI I/O 270 Mb/s, SMPTE 259M, EBU Tech 3267, BNC (Op. SDI)
  Genlock: 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, loop through BNC
  CVBS Output 1 / Output 2: 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, BNC
     Direct Selection
  Luma: -6 a +3 dB
  Black: +/- 100 mV
  Chroma: +/- 6 dB
  NT Hue (Tint): +/- 30º
  Non volatile memory: Store, Recall, Preset
  Freeze: Interpolated frame freeze
  By-Pass: Bypasses CVBS 1 Input with CVBS 1 Output
     Menu Selection
  Input Selection: CVBS In1 - CVBS In2 - Components Y, Pb, Pr - SDI (op.)
  H-Peaking: +/- 4 dB
  Noise reduction mode: Auto Low, Auto Medium, Auto High, Manual, Off
  Noise reduction (manual): 0 to 12 dB
  CVBS Input filter: Comb, Notch
  Vertical enhancer: 0 dB to +5 dB
  Conversion aperture: Normal, Fast
  VBI blanking: Blank, Pass, Auto
  Genlock Selector: Internal, External, Input
  Decoder controls: AGC video, AGC croma, Comb, Notch, Croma delay, Vert. lock
  Encoder controls: Pedestal NTSC, Components Levels, Croma BW, H-Blank
  No Signal Out: Autofreeze, Pass-through, Bars, Black, Autoswitch, Image
  Test signals: Color bars, Matrix, Ramp, Chroma noise, 5 steps, Multiburst, Composite, Off
  Line 23 blanking: Blank, Off
  Components output: Y, Pb, Pr or RGB (sync on Green)
  Pedestal NTSC: On, Off
  Closed caption, input: Auto, line 17 to 23
  Closed caption, output : Off, Auto, line 17 to 23
  Power Supply: 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz
  Power Consumption: 30W
  Dimensions: 1 U, 19" rack mountable
483 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 300 mm (D)
  Cooling: Forced air
  Weight: 3.7 kg

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  Versions y options
  DSC-165 Four Field Standards Converter, TBC, Frame Synchroniser and Noise Reducer
  DAD 4 channels SDI embedded audio. Tracking audio delay
AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs
  SDI Serial digital SD-SDI input and output

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.
(*) Secam only for input standard.     (¹) See versions and options

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