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   10 bit Broadcasting Transcoder
Digital Transcoders
Modular System
DME-210 / DMS-210


DTC203S front view

DTC203S rear view

  • Bi-directional Transcoding PAL (B, G, I), PAL N.
  • Five-line high performance adaptive comb filter. Bandwidth 6 MHz.
  • 10 bit precision, 4:2:2 processing and conversion, with oversampling.
  • Differential composite video input.
  • Four composite video outputs.
  • User friendly control panel with graphic lighted display, keyboard, and extensive selection and enhancement facilities.
  • Luma gain, chroma gain and black level controls.
  • Horizontal and vertical (aperture correction) enhancers.
  • Selectable input filter.
  • Selectable luminance bandwidth.
  • Switchable bypass in the vertical interval. Allows the pass of the “closed-caption” signals.
  • Selection of lock reference: output subcarrier locked to horizontal, to the input subcarrier or to internal reference.
  • Selection of output signal in the event of input signal loss or error.
  • Programmable test signal patterns
  • Dual redundant power supply and monitor of power supplies (FD option).
  • Specially recommended as PAL B to PAL N transcoder  for broadcasting signals.

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  Technical Specifications
  Processing: ITU-R, 10 bit, 4:2:2 (Rec 601)
  Decoder: Digital multistandard with 2x oversampling
  Encoder: Digital multistandard with 4x oversampling
  Comb filter: 5 lines, adaptive, for PAL (B, G, I), PAL N
  Display: LCD, graphic, lighted
     Input Standards and Formats
  Input TV Standard: PAL (B, G, I), PAL N
  Composite Video Input: 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, BNC
     Input Standards and Formats
  Output TV Standard: PAL (B, G, I), PAL N
  Composite Video Output:

1 Vpp / 75 ohms, four outputs BNC


  Luminance bandwidth:

6 MHz


Differential gain:

1 %


Differential phase:

1 %

  Luminance linearity :

1 %

  Signal to noise ratio: > 62 dB (Ramp signal, weighted)
  Luma/chroma delay:

< 10 ns


Processing delay:

204 us (PAL B to PAL N)

     Controls and adjustments


Luma gain:

+ / - 6 dB

  Black level: + / - 100 mV
  Chroma gain: + / - 6 dB

Horizontal enhancer:

0 to + 6.5 dB


Vertical enhancer:

0 to + 5.5 dB


Decoder filter:

Comb - Notch 1 - Notch 2 - Notch 3

  Bypass VBI: On - Off
  No signal output: Black, Bars
  Lock reference: SC/H (Studio) - SC Input (VCR) - Internal for input signal fault
  Bars generator: On, Off
  Non volatile memory: Store, Recall, Preset

     Physical and Electrical


AC Voltage:

100-240V, 50-60 Hz, EMI filter


AC Power:





1 RU, 19" rack mountable
483 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 335 mm (D)



4.5 kg

(*) Depending upon version y option.
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  Versions y options



DTC-203S / FD

Dual redundant power supply and monitor of power supplies

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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