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 Four Field Standards Converter, Time Base  Corrector, Frame Synchronizer, Noise Reducer
 and Transcoder
- 12 bit

 Processing of SDI embedded, AES/EBU and analog audio and of closed caption  signal

Digital Transcoders
Modular System
DME-210 / DMS-210


DSC-161i front

DSC-161i rear

  • TV standards conversion PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM (*)
  • Enhanced 16-point interpolator, 4-field, 4-line, with conversion apertures selection.
  • Five-line high performance adaptive comb filter. Bandwidth 6 MHz.
  • 12 bit A/D and D/A conversion, with 10 bit processing.
  • Digital adaptive noise reducer for luminance and chrominance, with frame recursive filter.
  • Composite video, Y/C (S-Video), genlock and SDI with 4 channels embedded audio processing inputs and outputs (¹).
  • Audio synchronization and delay with automatic tracking plus variable manual delay (¹).
    AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs.
  • Closed caption signal processing, with input decoder and output coder, with line selection.
  • Complete controls menu, including horizontal and vertical enhancers..
  • Selection of output signal in the event of input signal loss: last valid field, color bars, black, switch to alternative video input or to stored image.
  • Audio and video test signal generator (¹).
  • Remote control and monitoring by Ethernet port, through web navigator, or by SNMP (¹).
          (*) Secam only for input standard
         (¹ ) Depending upon version y option.

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  Technical Specifications
  A/D conversion 12 bit, 54 MHz (4x oversampling)
  D/A conversion 12 bit, 216 MHz (16x oversampling)
  Processing 10 bit, 4:2:2
  Interpolation 16 point, 4-field, 4-line, with conversion aperture selection
  Analog Input TV Standard PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M / J / 4.43, SECAM
  Analog Output TV Standard PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M / 4.43
  Conversion Bidirectional: 525/60 to 625/50 and 625/50 to 525/60
  Comb filter Five-line adaptive, for PAL, PAL N, PAL M and NTSC M / J
  Noise reducer Frame recursive adaptive for luminance and chrominance
  Frame Synchronizer Infinite window
  Display: LCD, with backlight
  Luminance Bandwidth 6 MHz, composite video, comb filter
  Differential gain < 0.9 %
  Differential phase < 0.7 %
  Transient response < 0.5 %, K 2T factor
  Signal to noise ratio > 65 dB, weighted
  Luma/chroma delay < 10 ns
  SC/H relationship 0 ± 3º
     Direct Selection
  Luma - 6 to +3 dB
  Black ± 100 mV
  Chroma ± 6 dB
  NTSC Hue (Tint) ± 30º
  Non volatile memory Store, Recall, Preset
  Freeze Interpolated frame freeze
  Bypass Bypasses CVBS1 input with CVBS1 output
    Menu Selection (partial)
  Input selection CVBS In1 - CVBS In2 - S-Video (Y/C) - SDI (¹)
  Analog input TV standard Auto, PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC 4.43, NTSC J, SECAM
  Analog output TV standard PAL, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC 4.43
  Horizontal enhancer ± 4 dB
  Vertical enhancer 0 dB to + 5 dB
  Noise reduction mode (¹) Auto-low, Auto-medium, Auto-high, Manual, Off
  Genlock selector Int (internal), Ext (external), In (input)
  Genlock controls Horizontal timming, Vertical, SCH phase
  Decoder controls Video AGC, Chroma AGC, Comb, Notch, Croma delay, Vert. lock
  Encoder controls NTSC pedestal, Chroma BW, H-Blank
  Test signals Off, Color Bars, Matrix, Ramp, Chroma Noise, Capture, Luminance 5 steps, Multiburst, Composite
  No signal output Autofreeze, Pass-through, Barras, Negro, Autoswitch, Imagen
  VBI blanking Pass, Blank
  Closed caption, input Auto, line 17 to 23
  Closed caption, output Off, Auto, line 17 to 23
  Analog H-Blank Narrow, Wide
  Conversion aperture Normal, fast
  Remote control Ethernet (Op. ETH), Off
     Analog audio
  Resolution A/D y D/A 24 bit
  S/THD+N > 85 dB
  Input and output levels +24 dBu max.
  Inputs / outputs 2 pairs; 24 kohm / 50 ohm, balanced, terminal block
     AES/EBU digital audio
  Inputs 2 inputs (AES3id) AES/EBU 32 - 96 kHz, BNC
  Outputs 2 outputs (AES3id) AES/EBU 48 kHz, BNC
    SDI embedded audio
  Demultiplexer 2 pairs selection between 8 input pairs
  Multiplexer 2 pairs selection between 8 output pairs
  Mux. source selection Embedded audio, analog or AES/EBU
    Audio delay
  Delay 0 - 40 ms tracking delay; 1 - 999 ms manual offset
  CVBS In1 / In2 / Out1 / Out2 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, BNC
  Y/C (S-Video) 1 Vpp Luma, 0.3 Vpp Croma / 75 ohms, mini DIN
  Genlock 1 Vpp / 75 ohms, loop-through BNC
  SDI In / Out 270 Mb/s, SMPTE 259M, EBU Tech 3267, BNC (SDI opt.)
  USB update port Receptacle type B
  Ethernet remote control

10/100 Mbit Ethernet, RJ-45 (ETH opt.)

     Physical and Power
  Power Supply 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz, 30 W
  Dimensions 1 RU, 19" rack mountable,
483 mm (A) x 44 mm (H) x 300 mm (P)
  Cooling Forced air
  Weight 3.7 kg

(¹) Depending upon version y option.
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  Versions y options
  DSC-161i Four Field Standards Converter, TBC, Frame Synchroniser and Noise Reducer
  DAD 4 channels SDI embedded audio. Tracking audio delay
AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs
  EAP 4 channels SDI embedded audio. Tracking audio delay.
  ETH Remote control by Ethernet port
  SDI Serial digital SD-SDI input and output

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.
(*) Secam only for input standard.     (¹) See versions and options
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